WildRed Publishing is a small and independent publishing company of fiction, nonfiction and poetry titles for children and adults. Established in September 2022, our books were finally published in November 2023.

Currently exploring educational materials for children, we hope to publish unconventional books – mix matching different approaches in presenting a subject. We are still fairly new to the industry so we are also very open to where Spirit will guide us to go.

We are also always looking for a greener option to packaging and would like to distribute books with as little waste as we can.


Lorelyn E. Medina | Publisher / Founder

Lorelyn E. Medina is an entrepreneur and a permaculturist. She has over 20 years of experience in startups spanning various industries from education, design to healthcare: ACES, BNP Design Studio and Unihealth-Quezon. She also writes children’s books under the pseudonym King Medina. She loves nature, travel, arts, life and all things spirituality.

Ann Christel R. Mazon | Finance Officer

Ann Christel Mazon is the Finance Officer of WildRed Publishing who focuses on analysis, forecasting and reporting. She enjoys working with nature where she can recharge and energize. She is also a jolly mom who loves chatting, traveling and most of all, food tasting.

Katherine T. Cena | Production Coordinator

A young professional rocking the role of Production Coordinator at WildRed Publishing, Katherine Cena is the one who reaches out to printing houses for book production and ensures we get the best deals on supplies. Beyond the office, you’ll catch her doing church ministry, making sweet music, and sharing knowledge and fun with the kids during church outreach.


Sheryl U. Garcia | Senior Creative Designer

Sheryl U. Garcia is a multidisciplinary artist who finds harmony with nature, she has tried so many things because anything can be her interest. She’s still learning through various art practices and experiencing life itself, although, for now, a little slowly.

John Eddie U. Villanueva | Senior Graphic Artist

Jandie is a talented graphic artist and for him, the square root of 81 is equal to a headache. He loves chill rides during the weekend but sometimes loses his way. He spends his spare time tinkering or repairing things but ends up breaking them, or so he thinks.

Bryan Kevin S. Marca | Senior Graphic Artist

This gifted artist drew illustrations as a hobby and became a professional illustrator at the young age of 18. A quiet but cheerful coworker known for his long curly hair, Kevin loves eating eggs and drawing even when asleep.


We will be opening the following position/s in 2024:

Marketing Assistant